如果大家稍微了解義大利酒,就會聽過義大利3B,也就是Barolo(酒王)、Barbaresco(酒后)、Buronello di Motachino,前兩者產在北義大利皮蒙特省,後者則位於中部義大利的托斯卡尼省。這三種酒可說是義大利最精緻、最耗時間、最貴也最負盛名的葡萄酒了。




  • 酒后巴巴瑞斯可浸漬玫瑰鴨胸搭配紅椒鮪魚

  • 皮耶蒙特風槍烏賊與杏鮑菇貓耳朵麵

  • 松露油淋功夫油封小牛肋佐迷你洋芋

  • 馬士卡邦淋松露蜂蜜

  • 法國麵包佐6年義大利巴薩米克醋

  • 各國起司拼盤


    早在1894年之前,北義皮蒙特省的Barbaresco巴巴瑞斯可產區,種植的Nebbiolo內比歐露葡萄都是賣給Barolo酒莊,釀成葡萄酒。或者直接標記“Nebbiolo di Barbaresco”。當時,阿爾巴皇家葡萄酒釀造學校校長Domizio Cavazza 看出Nebbiolo葡萄種在Barolo產區與種在 Barbaresco產區,有非常不一樣的表現。於是在1958年首次招集這個產區19位酒農,共9個單一葡萄園,希望可以建立一個合作社,並釀造屬於這個地區的葡萄酒,這個合作社就是現今大家所認識的Produttori del Barbaresco,也是第一個Barbaresco巴巴瑞斯可葡萄酒的起源。


       Barbaresco葡萄酒必須使用100% Nebbiolo葡萄釀造且必須來自於DOCG Barbaresco 產區才可以。巴巴瑞斯可位於塔納羅河流南部,有海洋性氣候的影響,這使得內比歐露Nebbiolo可以成熟早一點,並且也讓葡萄酒的發酵時間較短。年輕的Barbaresco通常喝起來比起Barolo的酒更加尖銳,但是經過一年的陳年後,其果香、花香及酒體的風味,會非常接近La Morra村的 Barolo,這也使的Barbaresco葡萄酒更加平易近人,並且可以較早飲用。

      Barbaresco葡萄酒是一種非常高雅、高丹寧及厚實酒體的紅酒,同時香氣非常的複雜,典型的巴巴瑞斯可Barbaresco紅酒有櫻桃、松露、 茴香及乾燥玫瑰或紫羅蘭花束香氣經過陳年以後,它可以發展出煙熏味、松露、泥土及動物氣味,如皮革和焦油。

      堂主收藏PRODUTTORI del Barbaresco 合作社的酒,已經多年了,目前擁有2005-2008年分,9個單一葡萄園的酒BARBARESCO D.O.C.G. riserva ,包括:ASILI、MUNCAGOTA、MONTEFICO、MONTESTEFANO






PRODUTTORI del Barbaresco 2007

品種:100% NEBBIOLO

2006 and 2007 were very good vintages in Langhe. 2006 saw a warmer summer and it will be a more “fleshy”* wine, with softer tannins, while 2007 is comparable to long-lived vintages like 1996 and 2001.
The harvest came early in 2007, but this was not because of a hot summer. It was due to the fact that the mild, dry winter caused the growing cycle to begin early. As a result, we harvested early. 2007 has intense tannins and high acidity [good signs for long-lived Nebbiolo].

親購價:2200元     當天另有特價

Rabaja Barbaresco Riserva DOCG 2007 (14.5%): Rabaja is a magnificent vineyard, peaking as one of the highest at 320masl and facing south, south-west. The fame of Rabaja can be traced to the great restaurateur Guido Alciati of Costigliole d’Asti who purchased heaps of the Rabaja wines from Produttori in the 1980’s and served them to all the connoisseurs from around the world who would travel to his restaurants. Word of mouth built the greatness of the wines from this vineyard.

“That perfume. Oh that perfume. So beautiful. Wild berries, forest floor earth, white flowers, leather, cedar, cloves. Heady, rich and forward but without additional edifice. Proud. Generous, building texture but never far from the touchstones of finely coiled tannins, the lattice of brisk acidity and the powdery talc-like burr of phenolics. Everything so perfectly married, insane length, amazing energy and total mouth penetration. Pencil thin weight and the space inside the tube of texture capturing everything, yet letting everything move. Following comes a gossamer sheet of slate-and-crushed-quartz-like minerality. An amazing expression, now to future times.” By Mike Bennie, 97 points, drink: 2012-2042+.

親購價:3600元     當天另有特價


Paje Barbaresco Riserva DOCG 2007: (14.5%): Paje is one of the smaller vineyards sitting at 250masl with a south, south-westerly position.

“Animal hides, floral, fruit driven (small plums, red cherry), sarsaparilla, sweet spice. Supple texture, has a little herbal twang and citrus inflected acidity. Opens wide and tapers to a crushed herbs and choc-mint kind of finish, but really delicate and fine. Chalky linger – fruit washes quickly through the mouth and moves in slender threads.” By Mike Bennie, 92+ points, drink: 2013-2027+.

親購價:3600元     當天另有特價


Pora Barbaresco Riserva DOCG 2007 (14.5%): Pora is again similar in height to Muncagota but faces west, south west. Pora was one of the last vineyards to be labelled separately, with this first happening for the Produttori del Barbaresco in 1967. They had always vinified it separately in the best years, but it was never labelled under the single vineyard name. Pora is one of the warmer microclimates owing to its proximity to the Tanaro River, so always has a more open perfume.

Ripe, fruity aromas of black currants, plums, forest fruits. Some briar and anise in the mix. Pretty and high toned perfume, light and dancing without bass notes. Very juicy in the mouth, washy, almost thick but tempered by sheets of steely, brisk acidity and the rolling, growing grip of fine-boned tannins. It’s a bright and flavoursome wine, accessible and attractive, massively gulpable yet shows great structure and detail of stoney-minerality and spice.” By Mike Bennie, 93 points, drink: 2012-2032+.

親購價:3600元     當天另有特價


時間:11/23(星期六)  下午 12:30~3:00PM


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