Bodegas Bhilar Phinca Hapa Blanco 畢拉酒莊 哈帕橘酒

The wine is made from Viura grapes grown in the white limestone Hapa vineyard which Melanie acquired in 2015. Located north of Elvillar, the plots are South-East facing and have been undergoing biodynamic conversion from the first day they signed the acquisition This vineyard is planted with Viura (higher part) and Tempranillo. Most of the vines are 35-50 years old.
In addition to careful vineyard management, the duo has embarked on a project of replanting a very large quantity of plants endogenous to the area.

Bodegas Bhilar Phinca Hapa Blanco 畢拉酒莊 哈帕橘酒

  • 商品資料

    • 產區:西班牙 Rioja DOCa

    • 品種:82% Viura, 12% Garnacha Blanca, 6% Malvasia

    • 酒精:%

    • 容量:750ml

  • 服務說明

    • 訂單送出不代表成立喔,請等待我們確認品項、總金額無誤後再匯款
    • 因店務繁忙,若有任何疑問,請點選右下方LiveChat留言給我們,我們會盡快回覆,謝謝。
  • 配送方式

    • 基本運費:12瓶以內均收150元宅配費
    • 低溫運費:視距離與材積計算
    • 快速到貨:限大台北區,視距離計算
  • 匯款資料

    • 銀行:中國信託(822)新店分行
    • 帳號:314-540-329-665
    • 戶名:尋俠堂國際創藝有限公司




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